Treework Leeds - Crown Reduction

  Crown Reduction

Crown reductions usually involve a general reduction in the overall shape of the tree canopy. However, the final shape is dictated to some extent by the existing structure of the tree in question.

Treework Leeds - Crown Reduction  Crown reductions are carried out where:

  Trees obstruct buildings or other property
  The tree branches of the tree are dangerous
  For aesthetic reasons
  Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves the pruning of a trees lower branches to increase the clearance between the ground and the lowest retained branches. The extent of this lifting needs careful consideration to achieve a balance between the client's requirements and the long term health of the tree.

Tree Crown reduction

In order to leave a tree well balanced, both in appearance and stress distribution the crown should be lifted equally all around.

Crown lifting is usually carried out to:

Remove the temptation for a tree to be climbed.