Treework Leeds - Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What happens if I use a company who is not qualified or insured?

If there is damage caused to your property or your neighbours by the unqualified and uninsured company you would be liable for the damage they cause. You could also be liable for any personal injury. This could be anyone including the operator from the unqualified and uninsured company and or any of their assistants. Also you would have no claim against that company for their poor work.

How much does it cost?

It is practically impossible to price tree work over the phone. Every tree is different so we offer a free of charge service with no obligation. We will come to your site/property and inspect your trees and give you professional advise followed by a written quotation. This details the exact works to be carried out with a fixed cost. This is all free with no obligation at a time to suit you.

How quick can the job be done?

We carry out work immediately if the tree is dangerous. But normally the turnover of work is approximately 3 weeks. This may be delayed if we need to make an application to a local authority with reference to a tree preservation order or conservation area.

When is the right time to prune a tree?

Trees vary in species. Most trees can be pruned at anytime of the year with a few exceptions. This can be discussed in more detail when we attend your site/property to carry out the free no obligation quotation.

My tree has a preservation order on it; will you make the application on my behalf?

Yes we will make an application on your behalf upon receipt of an order for the works to be carried out by ourselves at no extra cost. We will keep you informed and process the application as quickly as possible.

What's the difference between a tree preservation order (TPO) and Conservation area (CON)?

A tree preservation order (TPO) covers individual trees or a group of trees and requires a specific application and must receive approval from the local authority before works can commence. Trees in conservation areas (CON) require 6 weeks notice of intent application. If after this time no written confirmation has been received then the works can proceed.